Propoly Tanks builds the highest quality, best priced tanks on the market today. Made at our factory in Murray Bridge South Australia Propoly Tanks are fast becoming the most sought after rainwater tank in the both domestic and rural market place.

Our tanks are thicker and stronger than that of our competitors and are built to last. Our entire range from our 1000 litre through to our 25,000 litre tanks are available in a range of colourbond colours to suit your home.

At Propoly Tanks we have a wide range of tanks in stock so when it comes to ordering your tank turnaround times are much quicker most tank suppy customers.

Propoly Tanks not only deal direct with the public, They also supply home improvement companies and other trade outlets around South Australia. So wether you are an individual, farmer, or business looking for the best tank on the market today you need to contact the boys at Propoly Tanks.....



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